Welcome to VyMy Dance & Fitness

VyMy Dance is a community dance school based in Bedfordshire, providing classes in school clubs, community centres and village halls.
We believe that all children who are interested in dance deserve the opportunity to learn from a professionally trained teacher in classes that are affordable and accessible. By providing clubs in schools, children can learn in an environment they know and with their classmates, or they can meet new friends by attending our evening classes.

Pupils get a chance to learn a variety of dance styles and perform in local events, including a show every term where they can also showcase work they have created themselves!

 Go to Dance Classes to see which classes we have available and how to book.

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Important Dates



April 2022

Work In Progress - sharing of our dance pieces so far at the Jubilation Centre

July 2022

We will be performing at the Bedford River Festival in the Sports Village (time TBC)


July 2022

Come see us at Bedford River Festival. We will be performing on the Community Stage at 3pm


July 2022

We are returning to BedFringe with our show "What We Want To Say", a collection of dance pieces about the world around us and what our children have to say about it.