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Policy and Procedures

Coronavirus Safety Measures

Whilst we are all extremely excited to get back into the dance studios and get dancing again, sadly the risk of coronavirus is still far from gone. Due to this, we way we run our classes will be temporarily changing, in line with government and WHO regulations.

Our priority is to keep our staff and our pupils safe, as well as their families. We also want to limit the amount of impact on our host schools.

Please note that information may be changed or updated, so please check regularly.



Pupils will be expected to:

  • Wash their hands with water and soap before coming to dance

  • Use hand sanitiser when they enter the dance space and before they leave (if they do not have their own, VyMy Dance teachers will have some)

  • Change into correct footwear before they arrive in the dance space (be this trainers, plimsoles, ballet or jazz shoes- dancing barefoot is not permitted for the foreseeable future)

  • To contain coughs and sneezes into a tissue or their elbow, and to sanitise their hands after handling a tissue

  • Stay within the marked spaces provided to them (which will be marked out with a rubber spot).

  • Bring their own bottle of water, which must remain in their dance space for the full duration of the class

  • Maintain social distancing between themselves and the teacher (unfortunately, we will not be able to do pair/group work or lifts/contact for a while, and floorwork will be limited).

  • Use indoor voice at all times


VyMy Dance & Fitness teachers will be expected to:

  • Wear cleaned clothing to teach every class to prevent cross-contamination between schools and bubbles

  • Wash hands upon entering the school and using hand sanitiser frequently

  • Take a lateral flow covid test and confirm a negative result each week before teaching a class. Parents may request to see confirmation of the result.

  • Disinfect audio equipment (speaker and mp3 player) between classes

  • Always have a bottle of hand sanitiser on their person for students (only the teacher will be allowed to physically handle the bottle)

  • Contain any coughs and sneezes in a tissue or elbow, and sanitise hands after handling tissues.

  • Maintain 1m-2m social distancing as much as possible, except to provide first aid.

  • Wear protective equipment (gloves) if required to administer first aid

  • Wear a mask in all communal areas of the school and if required to come within 2m of another person

  • Inform the school and VyMy Dance (who will, in turn, contact parents) in the event of suspected or confirmed coronavirus. In the event the club has to close due to teacher infection or the school goes into lockdown, teachers (either the club teacher or a cover teacher) will provide classes on an online platform instead.

  • Abide by existing COVID19 rules set in place by the schools


Parents/Carers will be expected to:

  • Ensure their children have correct footwear for their dance class as well as a personal water bottle and hand sanitiser

  • Understand that frequent breaking of safety rules in the dance class will result in dismissal of the child with no refund issued.

  • Inform VyMy Dance and the school immediately if there is suspected coronavirus in the child's household

  • Keep their child from attending dance club if they, or someone they live with, have suspected coronavirus symptoms and/or tests positive for the virus. They can return once symptoms have passed, a negative test has been confirmed or they have been given the all clear by their doctor.

  • Understand that sending their child into dance club with suspected COVID19 symptoms could result in the club closing for the term, especially if the teacher has to self isolate

  • Encourage their children to attend/participate in online dance classes in the event of self isolation, school closure or local/national lockdown

  • Maintain 2m social distancing from the teacher upon collection. If a matter needs to be discussed privately, please do so via email ( or by calling Nisha on 07427902023

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