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and privacy policy

At VyMy Dance & Fitness, we handle information from pupils under the age of 18 and their parents, as well as adult dancers. We take privacy very seriously and do our best to make sure all data collected is secure.

As of 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU Regulation 2016/679 replaces the Data Protection Regulation (Directive 95/46/EC). The law sets out to ensure a set of data protection practices across EU member states and will continue to be in effect after Britain leaves the European Union.

The designated Data Protection Officer for VyMy Dance & Fitness is company director Nisha Vyas-Myall. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to or discussed on 07427902023.

data collected

Throughout you or your child’s enrolment with VyMy Dance & Fitness, the following data is collected at registration:

  • Name of the dancer

  • Name of parent/emergency contact

  • Contact telephone/mobile number

  • Email address (optional)

  • Relevant medical or educational needs

This data is required to ensure that dancers are attending the correct classes and any needs are taken into consideration when planning classes and performances.


Contact details are only used by the class teacher and company director Nisha Vyas-Myall for things directly related to the dancer’s class:

  • Newsletters*

  • Details for upcoming performances

  • If the dancer needs to be collected early for any reason

  • If a dancer has received a behaviour warning

  • Class cancellations or time changes

  • Updates on any uniform orders

  • Outstanding payments

*Newsletters are only sent out to people who have submitted an email address at registration and have consented to receiving it.

Emergency contact details are stored on an encrypted phone used for VyMy communications only and are kept on the device whilst a dancer is enrolled.


Where a dancer is a child enrolled in an extracurricular dance club, any details on registration are also shared with the relevant school to ensure consistency in information. In cases where the school funds the dance club in its entirety and handles registrations, the school retains all contact information and does not share with VyMy Dance unless strictly necessary. VyMy Dance may still ask for contact details from parents in order to share information on upcoming performances. Parents may refuse to share this information or withdraw consent for it at any time. They also have the right to change any information previously given to ensure its accuracy, which can be done by emailing or given in writing directly to you/your child’s dance teacher.

In the event that a dance group is entered into a competition, the competition directors will require the full names and age group of all participating dancers. This will be sent via secure email but not stored after the event itself.

As of May 2018, newsletters and other VyMy communications will be sent out via MailChimp, which means that email addresses provided to VyMy Dance & Fitness will be shared with MailChimp. The company is GDPR Compliant and the information will not be shared outside of the dance school or the third party. In the event of a hack, all those affected or potentially affected will be contacted.

uniform orders

When ordering uniforms, clothing sizes are shared between VyMy Dance & Fitness and our supplier, No Limitz. Names are only supplied where personalisation is requested, however, in accordance to our safeguarding policy, full names are never printed on uniforms and so no full names are shared with another company.


All VyMy Dance registers contain the following information:

   o Child’s Full Name

    o If payments are up to date (if applicable)

    o Emergency contact number

    o Any relevant medical conditions or special educational needs


Registers are kept in a password locked tablet computer or encrypted phone which can only be accessed by the teacher. In times where a class is covered by another teacher, the cover teacher is supplied with a digital copy that must be deleted once the attendance has been reported back to the original teacher. Where school clubs are concerned, the school will supply a paper copy to the cover teacher which must be returned to the office upon the end of the class.

Registers are also made for any shows or events that take place outside of the regular dance space. As with the regular registers, these are kept on a password protected device and accessed only by the main teacher. Where chaperones are involved, they will receive a paper copy of the register, which must be returned to the main teacher at the end of the event or performance.

In line with requirements from HMRC, digital copies of the registers are kept on the main VyMy computer for up to 2 years. Any paper registers are shredded after the term has concluded. Pupils or parents of pupils (where pupils are under the age of 18) may request individual class records at any time, including dates attended, awards won, photos taken.

photos and videos

Prior to any cases where photos may be taken, parents/pupils over the age of 18 are required to sign a consent form allowing photos and videos to be taken. If photo consent is not given, then the pupil concerned will not appear in any photos or videos. Parents/pupils are informed on the consent forms that any photos or videos taken by VyMy Dance may be used to promote the company and the classes. Children will not be identified by their names or which school they attend. All classes are assigned a title so that group pictures may be identified by their ‘dance company’ name. The ‘dance company’ titles will be used in some photo captions and on recital programs, and will not be connected to any schools to the general public.

Where a professional photographer is used, copyright for the photos remains with the photographer but will not be used in a public fashion by anyone other than VyMy Dance.

Photo consent can be withdrawn at any time. If a parent or pupil over the age of 18 wants themselves removed from a photo or a photo taken down, VyMy Dance takes the responsibility to make sure the relevant photos are removed or edited.

During rehearsals, videos may be taken to help students remember their steps or provide feedback on their performances. This will never be done without permission of the parents. Videos are also kept on a password locked device. Rehearsal videos may be uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox with permission parents and dancers over the age of 18 as an unlisted video that can only be accessed via a link sent to the dancers concerned.


Where VyMy Dance provides an extracurricular dance club to schools, the following information about the school is obtained:

    o Name of the school

    o Contact phone number

    o Email address of the school club coordinator, office manager and/or head teacher/deputy head teacher

    o In some cases the classes of the enrolled children is also provided by the school

Contact details are used by VyMy Dance to discuss the club and inform of any changes, upcoming performances or schemes in which they may want to participate. They are not shared with a third party in any way, including the MailChimp newsletter service.

The class information is shared only between the school and club teacher to ensure the children are going to the correct club.

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